The vintage 2014 :

Following a mild winter, the vines came out of their hibernation early and bud opening was seen at the beginning of April – somewhat earlier than usual.

The spring weather was quite hot and dry, allowing flowering to happen in good conditions.

Summer however was generally cool and damp – we didn’t see the return of good weather until the end of August / early September.

Fortunately this was the ideal moment to ensure optimal ripening of the grapes.

Harvesting began on September 10th and proceeded under beautiful sunny skies for around 10 days.

Average yield in 2014 : 45 hectolitres/hectare (about 6000 bottles/ha)

The vintage 2015 :

Even in spring, the 2015 vintage showed itself to be a hot dry year. The early heatwaves were intense, forcing the young berries to adapt rapidly during their early growth stages.

Summer was no less sweltering, causing fast ripening and early harvesting as of the end of August – following several days of hot dry windy conditions.

The harvest itself lasted some ten days.

The resulting crop had exceptional ripeness that nonetheless retains good freshness and a delightful delicate expression of the fruit.

Average yield in 2015 : 30-35 hectolitres/hectare

The vintage 2016: a late and elegant year:

The 2016 vintage experienced a difficult spring weather: cool temperatures and very frequent rains, which was really challenging in the vineyard!

But the summer heat, and the month of September, allowed to reach a beautiful maturity, and the harvests took place serenely between the end of September and beginning of October.

2016 is a vintage all in elegance, balance and finesse, with beautiful structures: a beautiful vintage

Average yield in 2015 : 40-42 hectolitres/hectare