The Vineyards

Our unique vintage bottle forms an ensemble together with our excellent wine and traditional estate.

Château de Corcelles has 92 hectares of vines spread over several terroirs enabling Gamay to express a range of styles. The Château produces Beaujolais, Beaujolais-Villages and Brouilly in its signature bottle. Other remarkable wines from the Château de Corcelles are also available.

The combination of altitude (400 meters), exposure (south and south-east), soil (granite) and new trellising provide the best conditions for grape health and ripening.

The vineyard has a high proportion of old vines with an average age of 40 years. Furthermore we manage the cultivation of young vines with modern methods in order to respect the terroir.

Our terroirs include:

  • 22 hectares of Brouilly (thin, acid soils of pink granite)
    Our Brouilly is produced from 2 distinct terroirs:
    – Charentay gives the structure and fruit expression– St-Etienne-la-Varenne is higher in altitude (Almost 500 meters and is called “wine-heroes” because the slope has a 30% gradient). The slow ripening tannins give complexity and freshness.
  • 34 hectares of Beaujolais-Villages Perréon and Charentay vineyards on sandy and clay soil, located 15 km south of Corcelles, give rich, round and expressive wines.
  • 30 hectares of Beaujolais on a terroir of Pruzilly ,St-Vérand clay and siliceous soil, 15 km North of Corcelles give elegant Beaujolais wines, fresh and ethereal.
  • 6 hectares of Chardonnay, planted on clay and limestone soil, reveal very delicate flavors.

Our patchwork of terroirs gives us the opportunity to create other innovative combinations.