The Vineyard

All the care and attention lavished on the vineyard, from planting to everyday tasks, have no other purpose than to produce grapes of optimal quality.

The vines are cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner and we use integrated wine-growing production techniques.

Everything is connected to the desire to nurture each vintage to its full potential in terms of quality and typicity.

Nowadays, the Château de Corcelles owns 87 hectares of vines, situated over several appellation areas. It produces Beaujolais, Beaujolais-Villages, Brouilly and White Burgundy.

– 21 hectares of Beaujolais, largely at Corcelles, on sandy loam interspersed with slightly calcareous veins.

– 25 hectares of Beaujolais-Villages, spread over four domains situated from north to south over Pruzilly, Saint-Vérand, Jullié, Charentay and Le Perréon. The soils vary between decomposed sand on granitic arena (Le Perréon and Jullié) and broken stone from erosion deposits on slightly argillaceous subsoil (Saint-Vérand and Charentay).

– 28 hectares of Brouilly situated partly around Charentay and Saint-Etienne-la-Varenne. The vines grow immediately on rock composed of granitic arena. This is, in fact, coarse sand that comes from the decomposition of granite.

– 7 hectares of White Beaujolais planted at Pruzilly on argilo-calcareous subsoil ideally suited to the Chardonnay grape variety.

– 4 hectares of Fleurie on granite soils.

– 2 hectares of Morgon .