The vintage 2018 : a solar year

In 2018 vine plants started late and slowly. Then, the grapes matured in optimum conditions with the ideal climatic conditions in Summer. The vines have caught up.

Wines in 2018 are solar, generous and greedy.

Average yield in 2018 : 45 hectolitres/hectare

The vintage 2017 : an early year

Already in the Spring, 2017 was a warm and dry year. The vines had grown quickly and the harvest was early.

As a result wines are rich and complex with a good freshness.

Average yield in 2017 : 35 hectolitres/hectare

The vintage 2016: a late and elegant year:

The 2016 vintage experienced a difficult spring weather: cool temperatures and very frequent rains, which was really challenging in the vineyard!

But the summer heat, and the month of September, allowed to reach a beautiful maturity, and the harvests took place serenely between the end of September and beginning of October.

2016 is a vintage all in elegance, balance and finesse, with beautiful structures: a beautiful vintage

Average yield in 2015 : 40-42 hectolitres/hectare